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Eureka’s Toy Town RHA sets arrive at Fighting 15s

Eureka Miniatures’ fantastic Royal Horse Artillery sets for its Toy Town Soldier range of 28mm figures (nearer 32mm foot to eye) are now available in the Fighting 15s shop. Fighting 15s has a limited number of these items in stock and ready to send out to customers.

The new releases in the range are:

100TTS51 Toy Town Soldier Mounted Officer in helmet, GBP5.00
100TTS52 Toy Town Soldier Royal Horse Artillery piece and four crew, GBP16.75
100TTS53 Toy Town Soldier Royal Horse Artillery limber & crew, GBP20.75
100TTS54 Toy Town Soldier Royal Horse Artillery mounted officer, GBP5.00

Prices in the above list include VAT at 20%.

Impetus is back in stock

Lorenzo Sartori’s excellent ancients wargames rules, Impetus, are back in stock at Fighting 15s, and well as new stocks of Extra Impetus 1, 2 and 3.

Extra Impetus 4 is expected in May/June 2011.

Frederick the Great’s crafty cuppa

One of Fighting 15s’ customers has pointed out that the figure supplied in the set of 100CIV28 Frederick the Great playing flute is in fact a civilian with a cup of tea. The error affects all Fighting 15s’ existing stock and may have been repeated in sets that Fighting 15s has sold to customers in the past few months.

Any customer who has ordered this set and has put it away as a later project should check they have the right figure and, if not, notify Fighting 15s as soon as possible so the error can be corrected.

Fighting 15s is awaiting stocks of the correct figure and will provide a replacement as soon as Eureka Miniatures can get them to us.

Fighting 15s: advance orders for Salute 2011

It’s that time of the year when Fighting 15s starts looking ahead to Salute, the UK’s biggest wargames show. The “collect at Salute” option has now been added to the Fighting 15s shopping cart, allowing customers to place an order online and collect the figures at Salute, on 16 April 2011 at London Excel.

Customers who wish to pay in advance can do so using the credit card or PayPal options. Customers who wish to pay in cash on the day can do so by choosing either the telephone or cheque payment options. Please note that placing an order in the online shop will create Fighting 15s’ invoice for tax purposes and that opting to pay by cash on the day will not, therefore, get an additional discount and you will have to pay the exact amount on the invoice. The only discounts available are those automatically applied in the shopping cart for larger orders.

Please note that advance orders for items obtained to special order must be received by 12 March 2011. Fighting 15s will try its best to obtain such items in time for Salute, but cannot guarantee to do so. If Fighting 15s cannot obtain such items in time and you have paid in advance, the appropriate amount will be refunded.