Shadowforge 28mm Blow-up Doll Zombies

Shadowforge Miniatures 28mm BUDZ: Bol-shoi Nadia, deflated BUDZ and repair crew

Shadowforge Miniatures’ latest 28mm releases, the Blow-up Doll Zombies (BUDZ), have arrived at Fighting 15s and are now available in the online shop.

These terrifying harbingers of death were once poor inanimate creatures, mere innocent objects of pleasure, until their deranged and sadistic creator Dr Gitta Lederfetisch gruesomely manipulated and mutated them.

The range comprises two sets of four BUDZ, plus sets for Dr Gitta Lederfetsich, her lieutenant Lady Felicity Merryleather, and her assistant Bol’shoi Nadia.

Unfortunately, the state of the flaccid pound and the firm, proud Australian dollar means that Fighting 15s has had to raise prices on new stock from Shadowforge, and the sets are all £11.00 each including VAT. Prices of other Shadowforge Miniatures will be held until after Salute on 16 April: standard 28mm foot figures will work out at £2.75 each as opposed to the current £2.50, unless something drastic happens to the exchange rate.

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