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Eureka Miniatures: 28mm Tripod Fighting Machine

Eureka Miniatures 28mm 100SCI01 Tripod Fighting Machine

Eureka Miniatures has released a massive (400mm or so tall) tripod fighting machine suitable for Martian invasions of Earth and other such games. There’s also a Martian cephalopod to go with it.

The tripod works out at £82.50 including VAT. That’s a substantial sum for most gamers, so Fighting 15s will not be holding stocks of either it or the cephalopod. However, the items are listed in the online shop (codes 100SCI01 and 100SCI02) and can be obtained to special order with an estimated delivery time of about eight weeks (they will be added to our bulk shipments which only get dispatched on reaching 30kg; working this way cuts about 7% off delivery costs and, perhaps unbelievably, keeps prices lower).

Anyone who absolutely must have a tripod fighting machine quickly should go direct to Eureka in Australia. It will almost certainly attract VAT and a tax collection fee on arrival in the UK: you have been warned.

Eureka Miniatures 28mm Italian Wars

Eureka Miniatures 28mm Italian Wars Gendarme Archers

Fighting 15s has updated its website to include the new 28mm Italian Wars “Gendarme Archers” figures from Eureka Miniatures. The figures, which complement the existing Gendarmes, cost £5.00 each including VAT.

We have modest – and dimishing! –  stocks of these figures, which are proving very popular, but will be obtaining more on our next delivery from Australia. Orders may take eight or more weeks to fulfil if we run out of stock.

Eureka Miniatures 28mm Rhodesians and ZANLA forces

Eureka Miniatures 28mm Rhodesian Light Infantry and Selous Scout

Eureka Miniatures’ 28mm Rhodesian light infantry and ZANLA forces are now available to order in the Fighting 15s shop.

We have modest stocks of the Rhodesian light infantry, and because of an ordering mistake on Fighting 15s’ part, very few of the ZANLA forces – at least until our next delivery arrives. Orders for the ZANLA figures may therefore take eight or more weeks to fulfil.

Prices work out at £2.50 per foot figure, including VAT. The Rhodesian light infantry are only available in four-figure sets, priced at £10.00 per set including VAT; the Selous scout is available singly.

Eureka Miniatures 28mm Russian infantry 1799

Eureka Miniatures 28mm Russian infantry, 1799

Eureka Miniatures’ recently released 1799 Russian infantry in its Wars of the French Revolution range have now been added to the Fighting 15s shop.

Please note that Fighting 15s holds no stocks of these excellent figures, not even samples, and that all figures are obtained to special order from Eureka Miniatures with an estimated delivery time or eight or more weeks.

Prices per figure are £2.50 foot, £5.00 mounted, including VAT at 20%.

Fighting 15s at Phalanx and Valhalla

Fighting 15s’ next wargames shows are Phalanx (St Helens, Merseyside, Saturday 18 June), and Valhalla (Farnborough, Sunday 19 June).

All customers should note that Fighting 15s is changing how it approaches shows. Fighting 15s will be taking less stock and more display-only material to get better mileage out of the car and also to reduce the hassle of preparing for shows. It is essential that customers place advance orders by phone or email to ensure that Fighting 15s has required items at shows, because ultimately Fighting 15s will carry only stock that can be seen in the display cases. Most customers already seem sufficiently well organized to order in advance for most shows.

After discussion with Mike of Black Hat Miniatures, we have both decided to drop SELWG (Crystal Palace, London, 16 October) from the annual line-up of shows. Fighting 15s usually attends this show in conjunction with Black Hat.