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Fighting 15s revises and expands Late Prussian flags

Fighting 15s has revised the 15mm late Prussian flags for the Napoleonic Wars that form part of the Flags for AB range. Our designer has incorporated new research into the existing designs, and at our request also added two sheets that gamers should find useful.

The first of the new sheets, PRU-F07, contains flags for the reserve infantry regiments to the design authorized in 1814. The flags were not actually issued until after Waterloo, mostly in September 1815, but gamers who want to give their reserve regiments the flags that most clearly indicate their status may well appreciate the addition.

Sheet F08 now contains black flags for landwehr regiments – a mixture of black and white designs featuring the Maltese cross. Previously our landwehr flags had only one black and white design: this flag, and the previous colour landwehr/reservist flags are now on sheets F09 and F10.

Sheets are all priced at £3.50 including VAT and include 8 infantry flags (sheets F11 and F12 contain 12 and 13 cavalry flags respectively).

Fighting 15s: closed for IW Festival, Phalanx and Valhalla

Fighting 15s is closed for the duration of the Isle of Wight Festival, 9 to 12 June 2011. Orders can still be placed in the online shop. Normal service will resume from 13 June. Briefly, that is, before Phalanx in St Helens, and Valhalla in Farnborough happen, when Fighting 15s will be closed from 16 to 20 June.

While I am away, particularly while I am full of beer in a raid-sodden field listening to live music, please do not puzzle my wife Janet with phone calls about toy soldiers. 🙂