Prices of Australian imports at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s’ major lines are mainly sourced from Australia, and  therefore we keep a watchful eye on the continual worsening of the exchange rate between sterling and the Australian dollar.

Fighting 15s last adjusted its prices, quite substantially, in October 2010 when the exchange rate had slipped to £1 to AUD 1.62. The exchange rate is now below £1 to AUD 1.50, and it is inevitable that if it slips much further we will have to adjust prices again. We expect that to happen if the exchange rate falls to about £1 to AUD 1.45 and maintains that rate for a week or more (if the rate falls to that level it becomes cheaper for Australian customers to buy from Fighting 15s instead of going direct in Australia, which is plain daft!).

In short, this is a warning. You can act on it as you see fit.

Update: The pound has made some sharp gains against the Oz dollar, and so all is well for now.

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