Armoured train joins 1:600 releases from Oddzial Osmy

The latest releases in 1:600 scale (3mm) have arrived from Oddzial Osmy of Poland, including a splendid armoured train.

Releases include:


UK-631 Bedford M truck

Second World War

WWH-689 Henschel 33 truck
WWH-690 Sdkfz 7/2 anti-aircraft 37mm gun
WWH-691 Flakvierling anti-aircraft gun
WPL-6200 “Smialy” and “Danuta”, set of two Polish armoured trains
WBR-656 Sexton self-propelled 25pdr
WUS-626 M8 HMC Scott self-propelled howitzer
WUS-627 LVT 1 amphibious tractor/landing vehicle
WUS-628 LVT 2 amphibious tractor/landing vehicle


TR-608 Rails I (straight)
TR-609 Rails II (curved)
TR-610 Trench walls
TR-611 Tram/Streetcar

Packs are £3.00 each including VAT, except for WPL-6200, which is £9.00 including VAT. Packs typically contain 15 vehicles or 6 terrain items; the train set contains two armoured trains of varied rolling stock.

All the items are available now in the Fighting 15s shop.

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