Fighting 15s at Claymore, 6 August

Fighting 15s heads north for Claymore in Edinburgh this week. The show itself is on 6 August, but Ian leaves the Isle of Wight early on Thursday 4 August, and will not return until Wednesday 9 August. The only way Claymore is viable as a show is to take the time off as a break and to do sight-seeing and visit friends – it’s Festival time in Edinburgh and hotels in and near the city are therefore a tad expensive. And don’t get Ian on the subject of diesel for a 1000+ mile round trip.

In short, the cut-off time for advance orders is noon on Wednesday 3 August, and even then it might not be possible to fulfil orders that require casting. From Thursday, the only people capable of answering a phone at Fighting 15s are Ian’s wife and daughter, who will not be able to help you. Please call again from 9 August.

Space in the car for stock is vastly reduced by display cases and paint racks, and Fighting 15s carries substantially less stock to Claymore than to shows in the south of England.  If you want to see a particular range at Claymore, phone or email now. If you want Fighting 15s to continue coming up to Scotland, please place an advance order now too.

Normal service in the online shop will resume from 9 August.

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