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Eureka Miniatures: 28mm Bearoplanes arrive at Fighting 15s

Eureka Miniatures 28mm Bearoplanes

Fighting 15s now has limited stocks of Eureka Miniatures’ 28mm Bearoplanes – Teddy Bear pilots in box bi-planes and tri-planes. The figures are available now in the Fighting 15s shop. Each model costs £7.50 inc VAT, and there is a choice of British, German or American decals.

Eureka Miniatures: 15mm SF Ventaurans

A number of internet forums have carried details of the forthcoming range of 15mm science fiction figures from Eureka Miniatures, the Ventaurans. Please note that the figures were a 300 Club project and although subscribers to that project have received their figures, the Ventaurans are not yet on general release.

Until figures go on general release, the only way to obtain figures under the 300 Club and 100 Club is to subscribe to and support these schemes. The more people who subscribe to them, the sooner such projects have a chance of being completed. Subscribers typically get their figures three to six months before the general release.

Casting machine update, 14 September

Ian has retrieved the repaired casting machine from the engineering workshop and hopes to be back casting figures in the next day or two. Parts of the casting machine need to be reassembled, and returned to their usual settings. Please bear with Ian in the meantime: there is a substantial backlog of casting to deal with.

Casting machine update, 12 September

Fighting 15s’ casting machine has been fixed and Ian should be able to pick it up from the engineering workshop in the next day or so. Licensed casting should resume by the end of the week.

Please be patient if Ian takes his time in dealing with orders, because figures need to be made for a number of orders placed over the past few weeks.

Fighting 15s at Colours 2011

Fighting 15s is at Colours at Newbury racecourse on 10 and 11 September along with Black Hat Miniatures, our partner in Oozlum Games. As far as I am aware we are located as usual on the first floor, benefiting from light and a magnificent view of the racecourse. And suffering from backache from humping crates up the stands on the outside of the building.

The casting machine is in for repairs, and accordingly I will have limited or no stocks of some codes of 15mm AB Figures. The machine will not be back in action until after Colours. So, if your figures need casting, I can’t do it.

Advance orders should be placed by Wednesday 7 September. I am packing the show crates and car on Thursday, and have to leave early Friday to get off the Island because the ferries are full of residents escaping the Bestival.

Casting machine update, 6 September

The casting machine goes in for repairs today, and I will be without it for at least a week. This means I am unable to cast any figures for Colours on 10 and 11 September and have to rely on existing stock of some AB Figures. I have been able to fulfil all advance orders for Colours so far, and have emailed customers accordingly, but at the cost of depleting the stock that I carry to shows. This means I will be out of stock of some codes of 15mm AB Figures at Colours.

Please bear with me while I deal with the failure of what is a critical piece of equipment. Some orders will inevitably be delayed until the casting machine is fixed.

I am out for most of this morning while I get the machine to the engineering company.