Save on Eureka’s Wars of the French Revolution figures at Fighting 15s

Eureka Miniatures 28mm Austrians 1792-98

Here at Fighting 15s we have just taken delivery of our fourth mould to produce licensed castings for Eureka Miniatures’ 28mm Wars of the French Revolution figures, allowing us to produce some commonly requested codes for the Austrian German fusiliers 1792-98. Accordingly, we have added a number of special deals to the range that make the building of basic infantry forces for the French and Austrians slightly less painful in the wallet department.

The deals drop the basic price per foot figure to £2.00 including VAT, from our usual price of £2.50 including VAT, by offering 24-piece saver packs at £48.00 including VAT. Further reductions are possible as the built-in shop discounts of 2% per £100 of order value apply up to £500, so you can potentially save up to a further 10%. So if you’re a Foundry-like collector able to spend over £500 on 28mm figures, the cost per foot figure drops to £1.80 including VAT.

The saver packs include French or Austrian infantry unit of 24 figures, or packs of 24 infantry or 24 command figures. The saver packs are only available as listed, and only for figures cast in the UK under licence. In short this means only marching infantry poses plus command.

We fully recognize that compared with domestic product and after discounts the figures still have a premium price, but there is a limit to how far we can go when the exchange rate is poor because we pay a royalty based on the Australian dollar price of the figures.

All figures in the deals are cast to order in the UK, using Fighting 15s’ preferred high-tin alloy.

The special deals are at:

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