Eureka Miniatures: 15mm SF Ventaurans

Eureka Miniatures: 15mm SF Ventaurans

Eureka Miniatures’ 15mm SF Ventaurans, based on the 25mm designs made by Denizen Miniatures, are now available in the Fighting 15s shop.

The range comprises the following codes:

300SCI10 Ventauran trooper with assault rifle
300SCI11 Ventauran trooper with Section Automatic Weapon SAW
300SCI12 Ventauran trooper officer
300SCI13 Ventauran trooper team with LAW
300SCI14 Ventauran trooper with auto-cannon
300SCI15 Ventauran comms trooper

Prices work out at £0.65 each, but eight-figure packs of the basic trooper are just £5.00. Prices include VAT at 20%. Fighting 15s has good, but ultimately limited stocks of this range, and the festive break may interfere with our ability to get restocks quickly.

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