Waterloo-period 15mm British from AB Figures

Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures has just provided Fighting 15s with details of the forthcoming 15mm 1815 British from AB Figures, sculpted by Tony Barton.

The figures will not be available until 21 April 2012, when they will be launched at Salute by Eureka Miniatures, which is taking a stand that should in theory be located next to Fighting 15s/Black Hat Miniatures. Fighting 15s itself will not take delivery of the figures until after the release date and cannot obtain them beforehand: if you want to get the figures at Salute, you will need to talk to Nic next door on the day.

Initial releases in the range will include British line infantry, British foot artillery, Belgian carabiniers, British light dragoons in shako, heavy dragoons in helmet, Household cavalry and Scots Greys, as well as a rocket troop. There will also be additions to the Highlanders to include firing and kneeling figures.

Although Fighting 15s cannot take orders for these figures at present, expressions of interest in the figures will help gauge the size of our initial shipment. So drop Ian a line. 🙂

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