Latest Oddzial Osmy 15mm SF now in stock at Fighting 15s

Oddzial Osmy 15mm SF: New Vistula Legion characters

Oddzial Osmy’s latest additions to its 15mm Science Fiction range are now in stock and available in the Fighting 15s shop. Fighting 15s also has restocks of the previous releases, including the New Vistula Legion troopers.

The additions are all for the New Vistula Legion and comprise the following codes:

SF-1513 New Vistula Legion characters
SF-1514 New Vistula Legion HMG/AGL
SF-1515 New Vistula Legion mortars

Packs are £3.00 each including VAT, and include six characters, or two support weapons with crew.

Fighitng 15s has also received the latest additions in the 1:600th scale moderns range, including:

SA-692 PTS-M amphibious carrier
SA-693 MIG-19S fighter
MN-621 NH-90 helicopter
US-681 Cougar 4×4 MRAP
BW-628 PAH-2 TIger anti-tank helicopter

Packs are £3.00 each including VAT and typically contain 15 vehicles or eight aircraft.

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