Fighting 15s and Eureka Miniatures at Salute 2012

Eureka Miniatures of Australia and its EU agent Fighting 15s are both at Salute 2012 on 21 April, with Nic Robson of Eureka bringing the new and advance releases from Eureka and AB, and Ian of Fighting 15s supplying the current ranges. In particular Nic will have the new 15mm 1815 releases from AB Figures, sculpted by the marvellously talented Tony Barton, who should also be on the Eureka stand in person for the official launch of the range.

Pack your hiking gear, though, because Nic and Tony will be on stand TE03 and Ian, along with Mike of Black Hat Miniatures, will be on stand TJ16, pretty much half a hall apart: see the plan at salute2012plan.

Ian is currently taking advance orders for the existing AB and Eureka ranges, as well as Oddzial Osmy, Shadowforge and Laughing Monk Miniatures, and there is an option in the Fighting 15s shopping cart to collect at Salute. You can either pay now by credit card or PayPal, or pick the telephone payment or cheque options to phone through payment details or to pay in cash on the day. Fighting 15s cannot take cards or cheques at Salute, but can take PayPal Mobile payments from anyone organized enough to set this up in advance. In short, bring cash.

Fighting 15s cannot emphasis just how important it is to place an advance order for collection at the show. We cannot take everything to Salute, the stand can be three to four ranks deep at some points during the day, and there isn’t usually time for much chat. This year, however, we hope to have help to hand out advance orders.

If you want the 1815 releases from AB or Eureka’s advance releases, please contact Nic in Australia: bear in mind that he has to ship them to the UK in time for the show. Fighting 15s is not able to sell or supply the new or advance releases until after Salute.

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