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Fighting 15s gets set to walk the Wight again

I am walking the Wight again on 13 May 2012, raising money for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice – the only hospice on the Isle of Wight. I last did this in 2010, when I raised over £400, largely thanks to donations made by Fighting 15s’ customers.

One of those generous customers is no longer with us, having been claimed way too young by pancreatic cancer. So this year I’m walking partly in memory of him and of the fantastic conversations we used to have about our toy soldiers. And partly I’m walking it again because the hospice does such fantastic work here on the Isle of Wight.

Walking the Wight involves covering the distance from Bembridge airport in the east to the Needles in the west – a distance that if walked in a straight line would involve getting your feet rather wet at the end. It’s around 28 miles, and I plan to cover the distance in about 10 hours. I’ll have a few days to recover and regain use of my legs before heading off for Triples in Sheffield.

I have a Just Giving page for customers to sponsor my walk at: My walker number is 2218.

For more details about Walk the Wight and the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, go to

Royal Mail price changes, 30 April 2012

Few UK customers can have escaped hearing the news that Royal Mail has substantially increased its postage charges across the board. It’s not all bad news, because customers whose orders weigh from 500g to 750g will actually get a better deal, because Royal Mail has settled on an average charge for all parcels from 0 to 750g, based on the former weight bands of 0-250g, 250-500g and 500-750g.

Fighting 15s’ delivery charges for orders dispatched from 30 April are based on Royal Mail’s new packet/small packet rates, using recorded or, for heavy orders, special delivery within the UK.

The good news is that Fighting 15s has decided to continue to offer free standard UK delivery on orders of over £50 including tax and excluding delivery. Earlier in the year we stated that we would continue this offer throughout 2012, and we are sticking to that decision. So UK customers who place orders for more than £50 will be unaffected by the changes to delivery charges. Be aware that standard UK delivery means that Fighting 15s sends an order as cheaply as possible.

There is also a special UK large letter delivery rate for very light orders such as paper flags, which are zero weighted for delivery charges in the shopping cart. However, to get this system to work well with light but bulky items, such as paint, that have to be sent packet rate, Fighting 15s has increased the minimum order value to £10 including delivery and tax to avoid unduly subsidizing the delivery costs on orders for only a couple of pots of paint.

Fighting 15s has to charge VAT on delivery charges according to the VAT rate applicable to the contents of a package. For packages that contain figures or paints, this means delivery charges within the EU attract VAT at 20%.

Fighting 15s takes a break

After Salute on 21 April, Fighting 15s is taking a creative break for one week. Orders will be dealt with after that time.

Salute leaves us low on stock, and with Eureka Miniatures’ Nic Robson in the UK it means we are unable to get AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures quickly from Australia if they go out of stock. The week afterwards is an ideal period for Ian to take a break.

Ian will hopefully use the time to work on new moulds for the 40mm former Flashing Blade line, and the 15mm former Oddzial Osmy medievals range: Fighting 15s now holds the rights to both ranges. Plus Ian aims to get some work done on the print edition of Huzzah! So customers will benefit in the long run.

Salute 2012: last call for advance orders

The last day to place advance orders to be collected from Fighting 15s at Salute, stand TJ16, is Tuesday 17 April. The option in the shopping cart to place advance orders for collection at Salute will be removed on Tuesday evening.

Please note that items that are out of stock or that are obtained only to special order cannot now be supplied in time for the show. Depending on the make-up of an advance order for which items are not available, Fighting 15s reserves the right to decline the order. The exception is a UK order for over £50 which would normally be supplied post free to a customer in the UK, in which case the balance of the order will be supplied when items are in stock.

Please note in particular that Fighting 15s is out of stock of a number of codes in Oddzial Osmy’s 15mm New Vistula Legion range.