Royal Mail price changes, 30 April 2012

Few UK customers can have escaped hearing the news that Royal Mail has substantially increased its postage charges across the board. It’s not all bad news, because customers whose orders weigh from 500g to 750g will actually get a better deal, because Royal Mail has settled on an average charge for all parcels from 0 to 750g, based on the former weight bands of 0-250g, 250-500g and 500-750g.

Fighting 15s’ delivery charges for orders dispatched from 30 April are based on Royal Mail’s new packet/small packet rates, using recorded or, for heavy orders, special delivery within the UK.

The good news is that Fighting 15s has decided to continue to offer free standard UK delivery on orders of over £50 including tax and excluding delivery. Earlier in the year we stated that we would continue this offer throughout 2012, and we are sticking to that decision. So UK customers who place orders for more than £50 will be unaffected by the changes to delivery charges. Be aware that standard UK delivery means that Fighting 15s sends an order as cheaply as possible.

There is also a special UK large letter delivery rate for very light orders such as paper flags, which are zero weighted for delivery charges in the shopping cart. However, to get this system to work well with light but bulky items, such as paint, that have to be sent packet rate, Fighting 15s has increased the minimum order value to £10 including delivery and tax to avoid unduly subsidizing the delivery costs on orders for only a couple of pots of paint.

Fighting 15s has to charge VAT on delivery charges according to the VAT rate applicable to the contents of a package. For packages that contain figures or paints, this means delivery charges within the EU attract VAT at 20%.

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