Oddzial Osmy adds to 15mm SF and 1:600 ranges

Fighting 15s has received the latest new releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland, which are available to buy now in the online shop.

There’s the very welcome addition of some snipers for the New Vistula Legion in the 15mm Science Fiction range, plus some insurgents with LMGs. The New Vistula Legion has been one of the hottest releases from the company in the past six months and despite ordering in vast quantities, Fighting 15s can struggle to keep codes in stock – so we don’t expect our first lot to hang around long.

Plus in the 1:600 ranges, at long last Oddzial Osmy has produced  SAMs, with the arrival of the SA2 Guideline (S75 Dvina).

In full, the new releases and codes are:

15mm Science Fiction
SF-1516 NVL Snipers (6 figures)
SF-1517 Insurgents with LMGs (6 figures)

1:600 moderns
SA-694 SA2 Guideline, Soviet S-75 Dvina SAM (6 SAMS plus 2 radar)
US-682 F117A Nighthawk stealth aircraft (6 models)

1:600 WWII
WSU-649 ML20, Soviet 152mm heavy howitzer (7+7 models)
WUS-634 M20 Scout, turretless version of M8 Greyhound with 0.50 HMG (15 models)
WJA-612 G3M Nell, Japanese medium bomber (4 models)
WJA-613 G4M1 Betty, Japanese medium bomber (4 models)

Packs are priced at £3.00 each including VAT.

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