Price changes for Shadowforge Miniatures at Fighting 15s

Our last two deliveries from Australia’s Shadowforge Miniatures have turned over most of Fighting 15s’ existing stock, leaving us pretty much with all new stock. A review of the costs of importing these wonderful figures unfortunately leads to the conclusion that prices have to be adjusted to reflect the exchange rate. Fighting 15s has done what it can to minimise costs, and therefore the scale of the increases, and now ships Shadowforge figures in our DHL box from Eureka Miniatures, which eliminates random extra duty charges from Parcelforce if nothing else.

Some ranges are barely affected, such as the Gunny Bunners and SF Scouts, because prices for them were set at the time of release. It’s really only older ranges whose UK prices were set two or more years ago that are significantly affected.

The upshot is that a pack of Shadowforge figures that, for example, costs AUD24.00 (just over £15) ex tax direct from Australia will now cost £18.00 inc tax (£15 + VAT) from Fighting 15s. In other words, there is no significant difference. Other packs are priced accordingly.

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