15mm SF and 1:600 releases from Oddzial Osmy available at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s at last has a complete shipment of the latest releases from Oddzial Osmy, and they are now available in the online shop. The initial shipment was missing several codes, and it seemed best to wait until everything was in stock before populating the shop.

The new releases are as follows:

1:600 Moderns
SA-695 2S4 Tyulpan
SA-696 2S5 Giatsint
MN-622 MD 500 Defender
US-683 SH-3 Sea King
US-684 Stryker ICV
US-685 Stryker RV and MC
US-686 Stryker MGS and ATGM
US-687 Stryker MEV and ESV

1:600 World War II
WBR-657 Beaufighter Mk I
WBR-658 Typhoon
WUS-635 M18 Hellcat
WUS-636 M36
WJA-614 Ki-21 Sally

15mm Science Fiction, New Vistula Legion
SF-1518 NVL Railguns
SF-1519 NVL SAMs
SF-1520 NVL Troopers II

Packs are £3.00 each including VAT. Contents as described in the shop.

Oddzial Osmy has revised its original pack of New Vistula Legion Troopers (SF-1501), splitting it into static and “action” poses. The action poses are in the new pack, SF-1520 NVL Troopers II, and Oddzial Osmy has sculpted new figures to give six different figures per pack. However, until stocks are exhausted, Fighting 15s can only supply the original SF-1501.

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