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Last call from Fighting 15s for advance orders for Colours

Wargames show Colours takes place this weekend on 8 to 9 September at Newbury racecourse, and Fighting 15s will be there as usual with Black Hat Miniatures up on the first floor.

Because the show coincides with the Bestival here on the Isle of Wight, Fighting 15s has to leave early on Friday to be able to get a ferry that isn’t full of Islanders desperately trying to get away from young people and their music. To leave early, Fighting 15s has to pack the car Thursday, and therefore the latest time to make an advance order by phone is Wednesday by midday – preferably sooner if it is going to require extensive casting. The Colours delivery option in the shop will be removed Tuesday night.

Fighting 15s travels light to Colours with limited stock because anything we take has to be humped up and down the extensive outside steps of the racecourse building. Advance orders are essential to be sure of getting what you want.