New contact details for Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s now has a new permanent phone number:  +44 (0) 2380 970715.

The change has been made because the old number is likely to perish shortly when my BT router finally gives up the ghost. Unfortunately, the new BT homehubs don’t support BT softphone handsets and the current handsets that I use will therefore become useless. In anticipation of this happening, I have switched Fighting 15s over to its Skype account and the landline number associated with it. The landline number works like any conventional phone number.

There are several advantages to the change. First, Skype allows me to indicate my availability to take calls on the contact page of the website using an icon, such as the one below:

My status

I should be available to take calls if the icon shows “I’m online”, and I am probably near a phone if it shows  “I’m away”. An “unavailable” or “offline” icon means that I cannot be reached by phone. There is an answering service if I am unavailable. Clearly it will take a few weeks to get used to the idea of switching availability statuses, so bear with me.

Second, the ability to show availability means that I have removed any opening hours constraints on phone calls. Either I am available to take calls and have Skype flagged as such, or I’m not and the icon shows I am unavailable.

Third, Skype users can contact Fighting 15s free of charge, and send instant messages. I cannot, however, guarantee instant replies. 🙂

Fourth, Skype allows me to be accessible while out and about and within range of wifi because I can use the Skype app on a mobile phone. So I may well be able to take calls while away for wargames shows or on other business.

Fighting 15s’ old number of +44 (0) 1983 557852 will remain valid as an alternative until the router itself keels over. I do, after all, expect teething problems.

Fighting 15s

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