New postage rates from Australia

Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures has just posted details of the new postage rates from Australia Post that take effect on 22 October (see

The new rates see the elimination of the 250g break on parcel weights, with the lowest postage band now 0 to 500g. Eureka’s minimum delivery charge to the EU and Europe is now AUD 20.20 plus AUD 3.00 handling, making the minimum delivery charge AUD 23.30, which equates to GPB 14.82 or Euro 18.39 on today’s exchange rates. And that’s for unregistered mail.

Fighting 15s’ equivalent delivery charges for a package weighing up to 500g are GBP 3.60 (UK recorded) and GBP 4.82 (Europe unregistered).  We also still have a Royal Mail price break at 250g for Europe. Even with 20% VAT, within Europe Fighting 15s will still work out as a better deal on small packages of Eureka Miniatures, Shadowforge Miniatures and Laughing Monk figures than you will get by ordering direct. Sometimes, however, you will just have to be patient while we get hold of the figures.

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