1:600 Napoleonic range due to arrive soon from Oddzial Osmy

NAP-609 Heavy Cavalry I

They say the best things come in small packages, and never has it been more true than for the forthcoming range of 1:600 (3mm) Napoleonics from Polish manufacturer Oddzial Osmy. Marcin of Oddzial Osmy has emailed to say that Fighting 15s’ initial order for the range is now ready, and Fighting 15s therefore expects to have the figures in stock within the next week.

Marcin has also provided pictures, so we have decided to upload the range in advance to the shop. Fighting 15s gets excited about new releases from any of its suppliers, but these tiny marvels of scultping have so much potential for grand tactical battles because they will help give an even better sense of formations and mass than comparatively giant 6mm figures. It will provide a further spur for Ian to get moving with the print version of his grand tactical rules, Huzzah! GT.

The new releases from Oddzial Omsy are as follows:

1:600 (3mm) Napoleonics

NAP-601 Infantry in shako
NAP-602 Infantry in shako with plume
NAP-603 Infantry in helmet
NAP-604 Infantry in shako command
NAP-605 Grenadiers in bearskin cap
NAP-606 Skirmishers – shako
NAP-607 6-pdr gun
NAP-608 Artillery crew in shako
NAP-609 Heavy cavalry troopers in French helmet
NAP-610 Heavy cavalry command and troopers in French helmet

1:600 Moderns

UK-632 Gazelle

1:600 WWII

WWH-695 Sdkfz 234/1
WWH-696 Sdkfz 234/2 Puma
WWH-697 Sdkfz 234/3 & 234/4

15mm SF

SF-1521 New Vistula Legion long range reconnaissance patrol

All packs are £3.00 including VAT. Contents as described in the online shop.

Fighting 15s has never before ordered quite so many packs of a new release from Oddzial Osmy in the six or so years of our relationship, but despite this precaution we fully expect to go out of stock on some codes, and it may therefore take four to eight weeks to obtain fresh stock.

NAP-605 Grenadiers

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