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Christmas shipping updates and closures at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s is currently expecting one more delivery from Oddzial Osmy of Poland and one more delivery from Eureka Miniatures of Australia before Christmas hits.

Our shipment from Oddzial Osmy was last tracked somewhere in Germany and has yet to enter the UK. Fighting 15s hopes it will turn up by Friday, allowing the latest releases to be dispatched and possibly even arrive before Christmas. Friday is last posting date for 1st class.

Eureka’s shipment left Australia today and even with the freakishly good tailwind that DHL puts behind the plane, may not be with us until Christmas Eve itself. After this delivery arrives, our next shipment from Eureka will probably not arrive until mid February.

Fighting 15s is closed on 25 and 26 December, and on 31 December and 1 January. The online shop, of course, remains open. Now that Martian Empires: The Venus Expedition has been completed, we will be working on Huzzah! Glorious Empires over the holidays, and fitting in some more playtesting.

Happy Christmas to all our customers.

Fighting 15s

Eureka Miniatures’ Fanticide figures at Fighting 15s

A number of the figures for Fanticide are available in Eureka Miniatures’ own range of  28mm figures. Fighting 15s has now created a section for these figures on the website at

Ranges used include the 28mm Winged Fezzed Monkeys for Kingdom of Odd, and the 28mm Satyrs for Fae Satyrs, Fighting 15s will be stocking the 28mm Liberi centaurs shortly. Eureka Miniatures does not, however, provide all the elements for every faction. Elements of the 18mm range and 10mm range are suitable alternatives for the Fae Forest Father and Fae Brownies and Sprites.

Fighting 15s usually has stocks of these figures but they are not inexhaustible. However, shipping of Fanticide related figures will be given priority when we order from Eureka Miniatures, and with shipping coming direct from the manufacturer, we aim to keep delays to a minimum.

Except for specific sets from Eureka Miniatures, such as the flying carpet and monkey command groups, Fighting 15s also allows the figures to be bought individually.

Update: We have been advised of some errors in the original price lists for the Liberi Centaurs, and have corrected our prices accordingly. It does mean there are not quite the spiffy bargains to be had that we originally thought. Any orders at the old prices, however, will be honoured.

Fighting 15s server migration, 13 December

Update, 14-12-2012: server migration is complete.

The Fighting 15s shop is switching server tonight, so there may be a few breaks in availability from midnight GMT onwards. The switch should improve the shop’s response speed: the server that Fighting 15s is on is quite busy at this time of year, and Fighting 15s itself accounts for a lot of the traffic. At least that’s what the tech people tell me.

Please bear with the technical support team while they make the changes, and accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

Fighting 15s

Christmas special offers from Fighting 15s

About this time of year, Fighting 15s usually offers something quirky like a “Christmas Lights” deal on light troops, for example. This year is no different, except our special offers are more mainstream.

The online shop at now has a page devoted to Christmas Specials, with a number of starter sets on offer.

In 15mm, there are starter sets for AB Figures for the American Civil War and the Napoleonic period, with two 24-figure units of infantry, one 12-figure cavalry unit and one gun and four crew available for £50.00, a saving of £10 on our usual price of £60 for the figures. The sets are aimed either at getting someone started in wargaming, or for gamers who use 1:33 ratio rules. Contents are random, but in general Fighting 15s will aim to provide two line infantry units (marching in the Napoleonic sets), a light or medium cavalry unit, and a line artillery unit.

In 40mm we have put together two special offers on the Ancient Greek and Dark Ages ranges formerly produced by Flashing Blade, and which we now own. Each set – Jason and the Argonauts and The Age of King Arthur – contains 24 figures, again priced at £50, and again saving £10 on our usual prices. That works out at just over £2 per 40mm foot figure, providing a low-cost entry into skirmish gaming in this size.

All prices include VAT and exclude delivery. Although Fighting 15s aims to fulfil orders from stock, demand may mean that we may have to cast starter sets to order, which may involve a slight delay in dispatch.