15mm AB Figures: new ensigns for Waterloo British

Fighting 15s now has in stock the ensigns with bare pole for the 15mm 1815 British infantry from AB Figures. The range was originally released with ensigns with cast flags, although some of the initial sets available at Salute 2012 came with ensigns with bare poles.

The figures are:

AB-WB28 Ensign standing, bare pole
AB-WB29 Ensign marching, bare pole

They are available as an option within the British 1815 infantry command pack. A command pack of eight figures is £6.00 including VAT.

Tony Barton and Eureka Miniatures are currently at work on future releases for the 1815 range.

Link: http://www.fighting15sshop.co.uk/infantry-275-c.asp

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