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Fighting 15s: advance orders for Carronade and Triples

Fighting 15s’ next shows are Carronade (Falkirk, Saturday 11 May) and Triples (Sheffield, 18-19 May). Advance orders are essential in order to ensure that we have what you want at the shows. Fighting 15s travels very light to shows outside the south and leaves a number of ranges behind.

We’ve said it several times but we are away in the week between Carronade and Triples, taking a holiday in Scotland after making it that far north. That means we cannot take advance orders in the week running up to Triples.

The last date for advance orders for both shows is 7 May. We are packing on 8 May and in transit from 9 May.

Fighting 15s is now able to take card payments at shows from customers with Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard or Maestro cards. We now have a chip and pin card reader linked to our phone, so provided that mobile reception is strong enough we will be able to take card payments. Because of the transaction fees involved, we do not give discounts for card payments: cash will earn the usual discount. We no longer take cheques or PayPal mobile at shows.

Fighting 15s takes card payments at shows

Fighting 15s is now able to take card payments at shows from customers with Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard or Maestro cards. We now have a chip and pin card reader linked to our phone, so will be able to take card payments provided that mobile reception is strong enough.

The system was put to the test at Salute, using Black Hat Miniatures‘ identical set-up, and now we are aware of certain failings – like making sure the card reader is fully charged and can last the day… – Fighting 15s has acquired the same set-up. We are delighted at long last to be able to accept the most commonly available credit and debit cards at shows.

The change is entirely because an affordable, easy to use set-up for smartphones has become available: the only option up till now has been mobile terminals, which simply don’t make economic sense for the 11 or so shows that Fighting 15s attends each year. Technology has at last worked in favour of the small retailer. The system also gives Fighting 15s a back-up online terminal for phone orders in the event that PayPal, our usual card processor, is unavailable.

Of course, cash is still welcome at shows, and will earn the usual discount.

Fighting 15s’ next shows are Carronade (Falkirk, Saturday 11 May) and Triples (Sheffield, 18-19 May).

Latest releases from Oddzial Osmy arrive at Fighting 15s

Oddzial Osmy of Poland has released the following additions to its 1:600 and 15mm ranges:

1:600 Moderns
SA-699 Mi-24P Hind-F
WP-608 Project 709 landing craft

1:600 WWII
WUS-637 M15A1 and M16 anti-aircraft half-track
WUS-638 M4 81mm MMC half-track mounted mortar

1:600 Napoleonic
NAP-616 Hussars in colpack
NAP-617 Hussars in colpack with command
NAP-618 Artillery crew in bicorne

1:600 Scenery
TR-613 Small MG bunker
TR-614 Earthen MG bunker
TR-615 Pantherturm

15mm SF
SF-1523 Insurgents command pack

Fighting 15s now has stock of all of the above codes, plus restocks of many codes that have gone out of stock. Packs are still £3.00 inc VAT, contents as described in the webshop, but in general 15 vehicles, 8 helicopters, 6 terrain items. or 15 strips of infantry or cavalry (there are exceptions).

Fighting 15s and Salute

Salute 2013 is almost upon us. The show takes place on Saturday 20 April at Excel in London Docklands, and Fighting 15s is there on stand TM03 along with Black Hat Miniatures, our partner in Oozlum Games.

Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures will be on stand TF01, a modest walk away, with the very latest releases and forthcoming lines from Eureka. He will not have the existing ranges of Eureka Miniatures nor AB Figures, just new products.

Fighting 15s will be packing the car tomorrow (Thursday 18 April) and leaving for the mainland early on Friday 19 April. It may still be possible to make small advance orders by phone on the Thursday, but you may have to persevere to catch Ian while he is loading the car.

At Salute, Fighting 15s will have 15mm Napoleonic AB Figures, our top-selling ranges from Eureka Miniatures and samples of many of the 28mm lines,  28mm Shadowforge Miniatures, and 32mm Laughing Monk figures.

Fighting 15s is now unable to obtain items that have gone out of stock from overseas suppliers in time for Salute. Our expected, imminent delivery from Oddzial Osmy is not likely to arrive until after Salute, so Fighting 15s will not have any Oddzial Osmy figures at Salute except those ordered in advance. Nor will Fighting 15s have ranges that are cast to order, such as 40mm Flashing Blade and our own 30mm Huzzah! Miniatures range. Please order these figures in advance.

Fighting 15s in international postal trial for Scotland (April Fool)

Fighting 15s, along with all mail-order businesses on the Isle of Wight, has been asked to take part in a trial postal scheme involving Scotland, given the country’s looming independence from what will still for a while be known as the United Kingdom.

When the new UK postage rates on 2 April are announced, Isle of Wight businesses will have to charge international airmail postage rates to all addresses in Scotland. The Isle of Wight will also figure as an international destination for items posted in Scotland. The postal service can regulate this because all Island post goes through the Portsmouth sorting office, for which a special international section has been built. The Auchie Old Hall, which used to deal with international post, has been demolished and rebuilt as Auchie – The New Hall. (April Fool clue, loosely: Och Aye the Noo Hall)

The often uneconomic cost of delivering to and collecting from remote areas in Scotland is cited as the reason for the change, as airmail rates will allow much of this cost to be recouped.

Fighting 15s regrets the change because it means that Scottish customers will pay far more for delivery compared with customers in England and Wales. Unfortunately, independence looks as if it will have some unforeseen costs.

The trial will last at least until the referendum on Scottish independence in autumn 2014.

Please bear with us when we switch the shop over to the new rates.