Fighting 15s in international postal trial for Scotland (April Fool)

Fighting 15s, along with all mail-order businesses on the Isle of Wight, has been asked to take part in a trial postal scheme involving Scotland, given the country’s looming independence from what will still for a while be known as the United Kingdom.

When the new UK postage rates on 2 April are announced, Isle of Wight businesses will have to charge international airmail postage rates to all addresses in Scotland. The Isle of Wight will also figure as an international destination for items posted in Scotland. The postal service can regulate this because all Island post goes through the Portsmouth sorting office, for which a special international section has been built. The Auchie Old Hall, which used to deal with international post, has been demolished and rebuilt as Auchie – The New Hall. (April Fool clue, loosely: Och Aye the Noo Hall)

The often uneconomic cost of delivering to and collecting from remote areas in Scotland is cited as the reason for the change, as airmail rates will allow much of this cost to be recouped.

Fighting 15s regrets the change because it means that Scottish customers will pay far more for delivery compared with customers in England and Wales. Unfortunately, independence looks as if it will have some unforeseen costs.

The trial will last at least until the referendum on Scottish independence in autumn 2014.

Please bear with us when we switch the shop over to the new rates.

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    • oozlumgames on

      This is, of course, an April Fool. If a possibly prophetic one…

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