Fighting 15s and Salute

Salute 2013 is almost upon us. The show takes place on Saturday 20 April at Excel in London Docklands, and Fighting 15s is there on stand TM03 along with Black Hat Miniatures, our partner in Oozlum Games.

Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures will be on stand TF01, a modest walk away, with the very latest releases and forthcoming lines from Eureka. He will not have the existing ranges of Eureka Miniatures nor AB Figures, just new products.

Fighting 15s will be packing the car tomorrow (Thursday 18 April) and leaving for the mainland early on Friday 19 April. It may still be possible to make small advance orders by phone on the Thursday, but you may have to persevere to catch Ian while he is loading the car.

At Salute, Fighting 15s will have 15mm Napoleonic AB Figures, our top-selling ranges from Eureka Miniatures and samples of many of the 28mm lines,  28mm Shadowforge Miniatures, and 32mm Laughing Monk figures.

Fighting 15s is now unable to obtain items that have gone out of stock from overseas suppliers in time for Salute. Our expected, imminent delivery from Oddzial Osmy is not likely to arrive until after Salute, so Fighting 15s will not have any Oddzial Osmy figures at Salute except those ordered in advance. Nor will Fighting 15s have ranges that are cast to order, such as 40mm Flashing Blade and our own 30mm Huzzah! Miniatures range. Please order these figures in advance.

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