Latest releases from Oddzial Osmy arrive at Fighting 15s

Oddzial Osmy of Poland has released the following additions to its 1:600 and 15mm ranges:

1:600 Moderns
SA-699 Mi-24P Hind-F
WP-608 Project 709 landing craft

1:600 WWII
WUS-637 M15A1 and M16 anti-aircraft half-track
WUS-638 M4 81mm MMC half-track mounted mortar

1:600 Napoleonic
NAP-616 Hussars in colpack
NAP-617 Hussars in colpack with command
NAP-618 Artillery crew in bicorne

1:600 Scenery
TR-613 Small MG bunker
TR-614 Earthen MG bunker
TR-615 Pantherturm

15mm SF
SF-1523 Insurgents command pack

Fighting 15s now has stock of all of the above codes, plus restocks of many codes that have gone out of stock. Packs are still £3.00 inc VAT, contents as described in the webshop, but in general 15 vehicles, 8 helicopters, 6 terrain items. or 15 strips of infantry or cavalry (there are exceptions).

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