Fighting 15s takes card payments at shows

Fighting 15s is now able to take card payments at shows from customers with Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard or Maestro cards. We now have a chip and pin card reader linked to our phone, so will be able to take card payments provided that mobile reception is strong enough.

The system was put to the test at Salute, using Black Hat Miniatures‘ identical set-up, and now we are aware of certain failings – like making sure the card reader is fully charged and can last the day… – Fighting 15s has acquired the same set-up. We are delighted at long last to be able to accept the most commonly available credit and debit cards at shows.

The change is entirely because an affordable, easy to use set-up for smartphones has become available: the only option up till now has been mobile terminals, which simply don’t make economic sense for the 11 or so shows that Fighting 15s attends each year. Technology has at last worked in favour of the small retailer. The system also gives Fighting 15s a back-up online terminal for phone orders in the event that PayPal, our usual card processor, is unavailable.

Of course, cash is still welcome at shows, and will earn the usual discount.

Fighting 15s’ next shows are Carronade (Falkirk, Saturday 11 May) and Triples (Sheffield, 18-19 May).

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