Fighting 15s: Advance orders for Colours 2013

Eureka Miniatures: 28mm Modern French Foreign Legion

Eureka Miniatures: 28mm Modern French Foreign Legion

With just six weeks to go until Colours at Newbury Racecourse (14-15 September), it’s time for Fighting 15s’ customers to think about advance orders for collection at the show.

This year advance orders will be more important than ever, because Fighting 15s is changing its approach to shows.

Over the past few years sales at shows have been declining, and the costs of attending shows have been increasing. A number of wargames shows are no longer worth the expense of attending them and accordingly Fighting 15s is cutting back on the shows it attends. Fighting 15s’ overall sales are still good, despite the poor state of the economy, showing the shift in purchasing power to the internet.

Chief among the economics of attending the show is the return on stock taken. This summer has been spent deciding whether to upscale, using a van to carry more stock and taking a larger stand at shows to display more ranges, or downscale, taking only the most popular items and keeping to small stand. The result has been a decision to downscale, on the grounds that upscaling will attain only a temporary increase in sales against a background of continually falling show sales overall.

Starting with Colours 2013, therefore, Fighting 15s will have a stand largely comprising display cases showing samples of the ranges it sells. Stock for sale on the day will comprise only the major sellers, which are 15mm AB Napoleonics and flags, 18mm Eureka Seven Years War, and 28mm Eureka Moderns. The AB Figures and SYW ranges will be in unit and battalion packs only. There may be seasonal variations depending on demo games at shows, and special new releases from Eureka Miniatures. Absolutely anything else must be ordered in advance.

Our remaining shows for 2013 are Colours (Newbury, 14-15 September), Derby World Wargames (Castle Donington, 28-29 September), and Warfare (Reading, 16-17 November).

In 2014 we will be scaling back our show schedule and only definitely plan to attend Salute (12 April 2014, London) and Colours (Newbury, September), which as usual will be in conjunction with Black Hat Miniatures. These are by far and away our two biggest shows.

We will make a decision later in the year about attending Carronade (Falkirk, May), Triples (Sheffield, 17-18 May 2014), Derby World Wargames (Castle Donington), and Warfare (Reading, November). Carronade/Triples depends on the date for Carronade (taking the week off between the shows for a holiday worked very well this year), not because of finances ; Derby and Warfare both depend on sales at this year’s events. In general we would still like to reach customers in the South, London, Midlands, North and Scotland once each year.

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