First 3mm modern French arrive from Oddzial Osmy

FR-612 Mirage F1C

FR-612 Mirage F1C

Polish manufacturer Oddzial Osmy has expanded its line of 1:600 (3mm) modern vehicles and aircraft with the first offerings for the French. Packs are £3.00 each including VAT (£2.50 ex VAT outside the EU) and typically contain 15 vehicles or 8 aircraft. They are available now in the Fighting 15s shop, in time to go with your Beaujolais nouveau next month.

The new additions are as follows:

FR-601 AMX-30, French MBT during Cold War period
FR-602 AMX-10P, French IFV
FR-603 VAB VTT, 4×4 armoured personnel carrier
FR-604 AMX-10RC wheeled reconnaissance vehicle with 105mm gun
FR-605 GCT, self-propelled artillery based on AMX-30 chassis
FR-606 AMX-13/90, French light tank armed with 90mm gun
FR-607 AMX-13 DCA, dual 20mm AA gun on AMX-13 chassis
FR-608 Leclerc, current French MBT
FR-609 VBCI, French wheeled IFV
FR-610 Panhard VBL light armoured car
FR-611 SA 330 Puma utility helicopter
FR-612 Mirage F1C jet fighter

Other moderns include:

SA-6100 Mi-6 Hook heavy transport helicopter (2 models per pack)

Plus there’s a release for the WWII line:

WSU-650 Ilyushin Il-4 medium bomber

FR-611 SA 330 Puma

FR-611 SA 330 Puma

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