Royal Mail vote brings changes to delivery at Fighting 15s

Over the next few days Fighting 15s will be trying out MyHermes as a delivery option for some orders, and as a result orders may take a day or two longer to arrive. I feel forced to experiment with delivery options for UK customers rather than stick to using Royal Mail because of the imminent possibility of disruption to the postal service now that the Communication Workers Union (CWU) has voted in favour of strike action.

When the CWU last went on strike, there wasn’t quite the array of affordable UK courier services as an alternative to the Royal Mail, and I pretty much had to intelligently post items around strike days to get them to customers as quickly as possible. This will remain the plan for smaller UK orders, although I may well switch to a flat delivery charge for all orders up to 2kg in weight if the experiment with MyHermes works. I am not entirely sure that the new couriers will cope with the volume of packets that may result during a postal strike, especially when customers find they are cheaper than the Royal Mail for some parcel weights.

Non UK orders will continue to be sent by post, again intelligently posted around days of strike action.

Please note that it is not possible to send water-based paint using MyHermes, and so orders for paint will continue to be sent by post, even during a strike.

Fighting 15s


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