Fighting 15s tweaks international delivery charges

One consequence of looking at UK delivery charges has been for Fighting 15s to re-examine its international delivery charges – and there’s good news for international customers who opt for tracked delivery.

Royal Mail offers two registered international delivery options: International Signed For and Airsure. International Signed For merely gets proof of delivery via a signature and is not strictly trackable other than to prove it has been delivered; Airsure is trackable and has proof of delivery, although a signature is not required. International Signed For is VAT-exempt; Airsure is VAT-inclusive, and to a non-VAT registered business International Signed For is cheaper. Curiously, however, Airsure works to the advantage of a VAT-registered business such as Fighting 15s, simply because the VAT we have to charge on our delivery charges within Europe is offset by the VAT that is claimed back on an Airsure parcel. The VAT in effect becomes a transparent tax.

Fighting 15s has now adjusted its tracked international delivery options to reflect the VAT reclaimable on Airsure, and the result is lower trackable delivery charges across a number of package weight bands in the shopping cart. There’s not a huge saving on small orders – in general you have to order more that 500g of figures to see any real benefit.

It’s not possible to send Airsure parcels to every country – for example, International Signed For has to be used to send registered parcels to Italy – but Fighting 15s has decided to bear the cost involved if a parcel must be sent other than Airsure.

Customers outside the EU should benefit from lower registered delivery charges because the Fighting 15s shopping cart now better reflects VAT-exclusive Airsure prices rather than VAT-exempt International Signed For prices. In short, Fighting 15s can remove VAT from the Airsure price for non-EU customers, but cannot for the International Signed For price.

Airsure in theory is a priority service. In practice, although an Airsure parcel can indeed leave the UK within 24 hours, it can fester in the receiving country’s mail depots for days or weeks afterwards.

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