Important: UK and international paint orders at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has just been alerted to a change in the rules for sending water-based paint by post. We’re not quite sure when the Royal Mail decided to limit water-based paint to no more than four containers of 150ml per parcel for UK and international deliveries, because it used to be just volume that was important. None of the procedures at Post Office counters indicate that water-based paints are a restricted item, nor does the guidance leaflet available for the public. The restriction is only available explicitly online.

Like a number of retailers we are going to have to work out what to do in order to send model paints legally through the post. Until then, Fighting 15s with regret has immediately withdrawn water-based paints from its online shop.

Our currently favoured option unfortunately is to charge a premium for buying paints online to cover the cost of splitting paints into parcels of four or fewer pots. We have to sit down and do the maths to work out what that premium will be.

Our thanks go to Martin Stephenson of Vexillia for alerting us to a discussion on The Miniatures Page about this subject.

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