Coat d’arms paints at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has been reworking the Coat d’arms paints section of the online shop so that we can continue to sell these water-based acrylic paints and comply with Royal Mail’s conditions for sending them by post, both within the UK and internationally.

All pots, whether 18ml or 60ml,  now attract a premium of 50p plus VAT (60p inc VAT) per pot to account for the extra delivery charges required to split consignments into groups of four or fewer pots. The Royal Mail now limits water-based paint to no more than four containers of up to 150ml per parcel for UK and international deliveries.

Most of the paint categories have been restored. However, it will take time to alter the groups of paint that are sorted by hue, so only the quick pick option is currently available for the Fantasy, Military and World War II ranges, with the result that colour swatches are temporarily unavailable. Fighting 15s will restore these as soon as possible.

Fighting 15s regrets that the starter paint sets of 10 pots have been removed from sale because they require three parcels to ship them legally, and we feel that the cost of these sets is therefore unattractive.

The price premium is a blunt instrument. Fighting 15s is examining how the shop settings can be adjusted to refine it. Until then, orders that contain four or fewer pots of paint will have the delivery premium refunded manually. Customers who limit their orders to four or fewer paints will therefore not be unduly penalized.

Our prices of Coat d’arms paints at wargames shows remain £2.00 inc VAT for 18ml pots and £5.00 inc VAT for 60ml pots.


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