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Christmas hours, last posting dates and new year discounts at Fighting 15s

With the last posting date for 1st class post being today, any orders placed from now on for UK delivery must have the special delivery option chosen to have a chance of arriving in time for Christmas. Orders for which items have to be either cast or obtained from a supplier will not be fulfilled until after Christmas.

Apart from Christmas Day and Boxing Day, Fighting 15s remains open over the festive season, subject to family commitments. Orders can still be placed in the online shop and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Our existing valued customer discount for 2012 to 2013 and post free discount for orders over £60 ex tax are now at an end. Over the festive break we will be deciding which customers will benefit from a valued customer discount till December 2014. Discount codes will be sent out by email. As always, our policy is not to have sales, but instead to reward and encourage repeat customers.

A happy Christmas to all our customers.

Fighting 15s

First arrivals in AB Figures’ 20mm World War II range

Our first stocks of AB Figures’ 20mm World War II range have arrived in the UK and the figures are now available in the Fighting 15s shop. The initial release is US infantry for northern Europe, 1944-45.

All figures in AB’s 20mm range are being cast from new production moulds, and the range is being re-released in stages now that production has moved to Eureka Miniatures in Australia.

Fighting 15s’ initial stocks are limited and it will take time to build them to the same robust level that the Napoleonics range currently enjoys. During the period that the range is re-released, shipments of the range from Australia will be prioritized to try to minimize the time taken to obtain them.


Price changes at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s has been watching the exchange rates carefully over the past few months, and once again we have had to adjust the prices on all our imports from Australia. This affects well over 4,000 codes in the online shop, for miniatures from AB Figures, Eureka Miniatures, Shadowforge Miniatures and Laughing Monk, and the decision to make the adjustment is, therefore, not one that we’ve taken lightly.

Changes to prices were made over seven days ago, and we ran a challenge on our Facebook page to see whether anyone had noticed. It was such a big change that it took time for one person to correctly identify the price-based “elephant in the room”. Well done to Mark Corbett, who earned himself a 5% valued customer discount for a year for noticing the drop.

The good news is that the prices were again adjusted downwards, making the second price cut that Fighting 15s has been able to make this year. Prices are still well off the lows of 2004 to 2006, when the exchange rate was around AUD2.40 to the pound (it’s currently around AUD1.78 to the pound), but you can’t have everything.

Anyway, a happy Christmas to our customers. Enjoy the new, lower prices and make merry. 🙂

Eureka Miniatures’ 28mm Austrian Cuirassiers 1792-98

28mm Eureka Miniatures: Austrian cuirassiers 1792-98, charging

28mm Eureka Miniatures: Austrian cuirassiers 1792-98, charging

Eureka Miniatures continues to expand its 28mm Wars of the French Revolution line with the release of even more Austrian cavalry for 1792-98. The latest additions are Austrian cuirassiers at rest and charging, and the figures are now available to buy in the Fighting 15s online shop, priced £4.10 inc VAT a figure.

They join the existing Austrian chevaulegers, dragoons and hussars. And with lower prices introduced in the Fighting 15s shop last week thanks to a further dramatic improvement in the exchange rate with the Australian dollar, the Wars of the French Revolution range is beginning to get closer to domestic UK prices.

Fighting 15s does not hold stocks of these figures, which are currently obtained to special order from Eureka Miniatures in Australia.



Eureka’s 28mm Toytown Soldiers join the firing line at Fighting 15s

28mm Eureka Miniatures: Toytown Soldiers firing

28mm Eureka Miniatures: Toytown Soldiers firing

Christmas isn’t really Christmas without some additions to Eureka Miniatures 28mm traditional Toytown peg soldiers, and Fighting 15s now has in stock the recently released firing poses for the infantry in shako (100TTS01A), bearskin (100TTS09A) and helmet (100TTS30A).

The figures are £2.05 each including VAT.

Like all of Eureka Miniatures’ ranges, these figures contain lead, are not toys, and are not suitable for children aged under 14 years.


Eureka’s 28mm Ben Fur and chariot now in stock at Fighting 15s


Eureka Miniatures’ latest addition to its 28mm Teddy Bear Romans is 100TBR19 Ben Fur and four-horse chariot. Fighting 15s now has a limited number of this fine fuzzy charioteer and his wheeled steeds in stock, and the set is available in the online shop, priced £11.75 inc VAT.