28mm Saladin sets from Eureka Miniatures

28mm Eureka Miniatures Saracens

28mm Eureka Miniatures Saracens

Fighting 15s now has in stock the 28mm Saladin and retinue sets, both foot and mounted, from Eureka Miniatures of Australia. In addition, we also have single figures of Saladin, his standard bearer and a Saracen trumpeter, which are otherwise available in the foot set.

The set of eight mounted figures is £31.00 and includes seven mounted figures on horses and a kettle drummer on a camel; the foot figure set contains 14 figures and costs £24.14. Individual foot figures are £2.05 each. All prices include VAT.

Link: www.fighting15sshop.co.uk/saladin-and-retinue-836-c.asp

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