Fighting 15s receives Oddzial Osmy’s new arrivals for July

SF-1532 SF Vampires

SF-1532 SF Vampires

Fighting 15s has received the latest new releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland. Most add to the 1:600 (3mm) ranges, but there’s also a pack of SF vampires in 15mm. The releases are:

1:600 Moderns

SA-6102 GAZ Tigr multi-purpose all-terrain car
SA-6103 KamAZ-5350 6×6 truck
UK-635 AS-90 155mm self-propelled gun
FR-620 Mirage 2000 multirole jet-fighter

1:600 World War II

WWH-6107 Sdkfz 251/22 + /8 Pakwagen and ambulance versions of Sdkfz 251
WIT-628 Fiat BR.20M Cicogna medium bomber

1:600 World War I

GW-608 Albatros DV
GW-609 Fokker DVII

1:600 Science Fiction

PSF-617 M92 heavy self-propelled gun
PSF-618 Yatagan assault battle robot with jump packs
PSF-619 Onager fire support battle robot

15mm Science Fiction

SF-1532 Vampires

Packs are £3 each including VAT. All the releases are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s shop, pack contents as detailed on the website.

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