Christmas Orders at Fighting 15s

Christmas may still seem far away for some customers, but it is already having an effect at Fighting 15s. We are at the point where we expect to get one more shipment from Oddzial Osmy and one more shipment from Eureka before Christmas, with an arrival date for these shipments somewhere in late November or early December. After those shipments arrive, in general we do not start to receive new stock until well into the new year, and can, therefore, go out of stock of some items with no realistic prospect of obtaining them until late February.

Customers who are planning to receive or give special gifts for Christmas need to plan ahead: ideally we need to know about anything that is required to special order as soon as possible so we can get the items on our last shipments of the year.

Fighting 15s holds good stocks of many items but a surge in demand can quickly deplete these stocks. After mid-November, Fighting 15s cannot guarantee to obtain items in time for Christmas. Bear in mind that some of our suppliers close for two weeks over the festive period, and spend the first few weeks of the new year catching up with orders before even dealing with our requests.

In the run-up to Christmas, although we will try to answer emails as fast as possible about whether items are in stock (packing paid-for orders always takes priority over emails), such information can go quickly out of date.

Shipping times can be a lottery, particularly overseas. Experience tells us that standard airmail to Europe can take from two to four weeks for delivery. Our tracked European delivery options use the Royal Mail’s priority mailing services and can cut this time to 5 or so days. The Royal Mail’s last recommended posting date for items to Western Europe is 13 December. Because Fighting 15s will be very busy at this time, clearly an order to Europe needs to be placed a few days before this cut-off date.

In the UK, the last posting date for 1st class signed for mail – the service that we use – is Saturday 20 December, which because we are closed at weekends means 19 December. That is also our recommended cut-off date for orders, even sent by special delivery, because Fighting 15s will begin sorting out its own Christmas from 20 December.

That said, Fighting 15s is open over most of the festive period. We are, however, definitely shut on 25 and 26 December, and may be shut on random days up to 6 January to visit family and friends. The online shop is open all the time.

Fighting 15s’ valued customer discounts for 2014 end on 31 December.

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