AB’s 20mm British paratroopers drop in at Fighting 15s

AB-INB51 British Airborne squad advancing

AB-INB51 British Airborne squad advancing

The re-release of the highly detailed 20mm World War II range from AB Figures continues with the first codes for the British paratroopers. The release comprises the following codes:

AB-INB50 British Airborne squad, walking
AB-INB51 British Airborne squad, advancing
AB-INB52 British Airborne squad, kneeling and prone
AB-INB53 British Airborne in slit trenches
AB-INB54 British Airborne PIAT and 2in mortar
AB-INB55 British Airborne Vickers MG team
AB-INB56 British Airborne 3in mortar
AB-INB57 British Airborne officers and radios
AB-INB58 British Airborne drop zone set
AB-INB59 British Airborne with trollies
AB-INB60 British Airborne casualties
AB-RTB50 British Airborne 6pdr anti-tank crew
AB-RTB51 British Airborne howitzer crew
AB-SPB50 British Airborne medics and wounded
AB-SPB51 British Airborne prisoners and German guards
AB-SPB52 British Airborne, seated figures for Jeeps

The codes are now in stock at Fighting 15s in the UK. All the codes and prices are listed in our special New Arrivals section of the website.

Fighting 15s is the EU agent for Eureka Miniatures and AB Figures.

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