Archers, Camels and Chasseurs a Cheval from Oddzial Osmy

GW-614 Sopwith Camel

GW-614 Sopwith Camel

Fighting 15s has received the latest new releases in 3mm (1:600) from Oddzial Osmy of Poland, including Archers for WWII, Camels for WWI and chasseurs a cheval for the Napoleonic Wars. The releases are:

1:600 moderns
SA-6110 BAT-M & MDK-2M engineering vehicles
MN-632 Sisu XA-180 Finnish armoured personnel carrier
CH-610 ZTZ-99A MBT Chinese main battle tank

1:600 WWII
WBR-663 British 17pdr anti-tank gun
WBR-664 Archer self-propelled 17pdr anti-tank gun

1:600 WWI
GW-614 Sopwith Camel
GW-615 SE5a

1:600 Science Fiction
PSF-626 Pegasus GEV hovercraft armoured personnel carrier

1:600 Napoleonic
NAP-635 Chasseurs a cheval, light cavalry in shako
NAP-636 Chasseurs a cheval with command

All are in stock and available to buy now in the Fighting 15s online shop and handily put in our special New Arrivals section at

Packs are priced at £3.00 each including VAT.

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