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Price rise due from Oddzial Osmy

Fighting 15s has been advised by Oddzial Osmy of Poland of an impending price rise of 3 to 4%. This will affect our orders from the company from next month.

Because of the current strength of sterling against the Polish zloty, however, Fighting 15s does not currently intend to pass this increase on to customers. Exchange rates govern our prices far more than minor increases from suppliers. Our message is, quite simply, don’t panic. 🙂

For customers in the Eurozone there is also a special automatic discount in the online shopping cart that will run until the end of February or until the euro recovers, whichever occurs first, to reduce the effect of the beleaguered euro on Fighting 15s’ prices. Customers need to be in one of the 19 Eurozone countries (not tax-free areas) to benefit: the discount applies after choosing both an appropriate delivery option and tax country.

Eureka launches AB Figures website


Eureka Miniatures of Australia’s dedicated website for AB Figures is now live. The AB Figures website is separate from, which now contains only Eureka’s own and other licensed ranges, although AB Figures will still be made and supplied by Eureka.

This has no effect on the Fighting 15s website, which continues to have both AB and Eureka Miniatures available from a single website. Fighting 15s continues to provide AB and Eureka figures imported from Australia, plus AB and Eureka figures cast under licence here in the UK.

The launch, however, has seen an increase in the price of AB 15mm figures, from 0.91 cents to 0.95 cents for foot figures, from AUD 1.82 to AUD 1.91 for mounted figures, and from AUD 3.64 to AUD 3.82 for cannon. This is the first price rise for 15mm AB Figures in Australia since late 2007.

Prices in the UK, of course, fluctuate according to the exchange rate. Fighting 15s prices’ have been going down as the exchange rate improves, with two reductions in the past year or so. Accordingly, given recent improvements in the exchange rate, Fighting 15s has decided to hold prices at their current level, so there is no increase in the price of 15mm AB Figures for Fighting 15s’ customers.

In addition, Fighting 15s has reinstated its offer of free standard delivery for UK online orders of more than £100 ex-tax ex-delivery in the shopping cart. This applies to all the ranges that Fighting 15s supplies.


Fighting 15s at Salute and Carronade 2015

Fighting 15s is attending only two shows in 2015 as a trader: Salute (25 April 2015, London) and Carronade (9 May 2015, Falkirk). If you want to buy figures at either show you must order in advance – Fighting 15s will have only paints and flags at these shows.

Delivery options are available now in the Fighting 15s shop  for customers who want to order online and collect at either show. Please note that it can take up to eight weeks to obtain stock from some suppliers, depending on workload, which is why the options are available now. These options will disappear one week before each show.

Fighting 15s will be attending Salute in conjunction with Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures, and with luck our stands will be adjacent this year because we have asked the organiser very nicely. Provided that goes OK, that should end the pilgrimage across the vast hall from Eureka to Fighting 15s.

Our usual partner at shows, Mike of Black Hat Miniatures, will not be present. Unfortunately, his chronic fatigue syndrome means that he feels unable to continue doing shows. Fighting 15s, however, will be taking his range of Coat d’arms paints to both shows. The paints will be our main offering at both shows.

Our trip to Falkirk for Carronade is also being taken as annual holiday, which is why Fighting 15s is travelling light to this show. The car protested a lot last time on Ian’s excursions to distilleries and castles. Ian will be on his own, and a special discount will be available for anyone prepared to be his coffee and bun monkey for a day.

Shipping rules on paint change for the better

Royal Mail lifted a restriction on shipping water-based paint on 12 January 2015, and it is now possible to ship more than four pots of 18ml paint per parcel.

Fighting 15s has therefore removed the shipping premium on Coat d’arms paints, so prices are back at £2.00 inc VAT for an 18ml pot and £5.00 inc VAT for a 60ml pot.

The change has also allowed Fighting 15s to restore Coat d’arms 10-pot paint sets to the shop. These items had been removed because under the old rules it would have been necessary to send them in three parcels.

The change was brought about by a campaign on by Leon Pengilley of Pendraken Miniatures (, and his announcement about the change can be seen at Royal Mail’s new conditions for restricted items in the UK can be found at (the change also applies for overseas items, see

It is still, of course, illegal to send solvent-based paints or aerosols by post in the UK or internationally, which is why Fighting 15s does not sell them online.

Cats, dogs and fresh milky milky

Cowshed 4

Eureka’s fantastic milkmaids set came into stock just before Christmas, but such has been the pressure of fulfilling orders this festive season that it has only just been possible to sort the shipment and list the new releases in the Fighting 15s shop. The releases also include a set of four cats and a dog, and the redesigned British and German dogs for the Pax Limpopo range, plus the new Rex, Eden Hardlove’s faithful and somewhat steam-powered hound.

The releases, with codes and prices are as follows:

100CIV42 Milkmaids, cow and churn boy, GBP 10.25
100ANM10 Four cats and a dog, GBP 4.11
PAXP07A British dog (bulldog), GBP 1.10
PAXP07B German dog (dachshund), GBP 1.10
PAXP07D Rex, Eden Hardlove’s faithful hound, GBP 2.05

Prices include VAT at 20%. Initial stocks are limited. PAXP07A replaces the old terrier type dog, and PAXP07B replaces the old Alsatian type dog.

All the releases are currently listed in the New Arrivals section of the shop: