Summer hours at Fighting 15s

The British summer has at last arrived, and that means here on the sunny Isle of Wight, working hours at Fighting 15s change depending on the weather.

When it is hot here – and it may well not be hot and sunny where you are in the frozen north of the UK – Fighting 15s works early morning to about 1pm, and then shuts down until the cooler evening air arrives, at which point we again start work. The beach is five minutes’ walk away and the sea provides welcome relief in the afternoon.

The sounds reasons for this are that after 1pm or so, our workshop is unbearably hot. Casting is pretty much impossible after as early as 10am.

If it’s a wet, cool day, then we pretty much work as normal.

So, if you suspect that on a hot afternoon that we are slacking off, down on the beach with an ice cream with our feet in the water, you’re probably right. Your order will be dealt with once temperatures become bearable.


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