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Eureka’s 28mm Chaos Army arrives at Fighting 15s


The 28mm Chaos Army figures from Eureka Miniatures of Australia have now arrived at Fighting 15s and are available to buy in the online shop.

The range includes:

100KAS01 Snailhead
100KAS02 Armless Nhils
100KAS03 Theo the Baiter
100KAS04 Batface the Biter
100KAS05 Beaky Pete
100KAS06 Percy Onehand
100KAS07 Harry Born Yesterday
100KAS08 Angry Francis
100KAS09 Log
100KAS10 Lars Coldblood
100KAS11 Flogging Horse
100KAS12 Beaten Dog
100KASC01 King Bighead and Harvey and Dent (two figures plus ‘horse’)

Prices as shown on the website.

Eureka is due to release more figures for this range in the near future, although Fighting 15s does not expect to have these additions in stock much before Christmas.



New 15mm AB Napoleonics arrive at Fighting 15s

AB-BK11 Duke of Brunswick

AB-BK11 Duke of Brunswick

Fighting 15s has received the following new figures from AB Figures in its 15mm Napoleonic range:

AB-BK11 Duke of Brunswick, mounted
AB-ER76 Early Russian artillery crew in shako and greatcoat, loading
AB-ER77 Early Russian artillery crew in shako and greatcoat, firing
AB-KK82 Austrian mounted NCO
AB-RKK29 Austrian grenzer artillery crew 1792-98

BK11 and KK82 are one-piece castings  and cost £1.20 each including VAT. ER76, ER77 and RKK29 cost £2.40 including VAT for a set of four figures. Fighting 15s tries to provide four different variants in each artillery crew set, but the variant mix supplied as stock may sometimes make this impossible.

All AB figures are sculpted by Tony Barton.

The figures are available to buy now in the Fighting 15s shop and for a short time are available in the New Arrivals section.


Eureka’s 10mm lizardmen arrive at Fighting 15s

400FAN109 Lizard Warrior characters

400FAN109 Lizard Warrior characters

Eureka Miniatures’ 10mm lizardmen have now arrived in the UK and are available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop.

The release includes:

400FAN100 Gecko Warriors – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN101 Lizard Warriors with Long Spears – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN102 Lizard Warriors with Short Spears – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN103 Lizard Warriors with Hand Weapons – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN104 Lizard Warrior Raptor Riders – 12 assorted figures with command
400FAN105 Fire Drakes with Gecko Handlers – 18 assorted figures
400FAN106 Pterosaur with Gecko Riders – 3 complete riders and mounts
400FAN107 Giant Lizard Warriors – 12 assorted figures
400FAN108 Stegosaurus with Howdah and Gecko Crew
400FAN109 Lizard Warrior Character Pack
400FAN110 Lizard Hero riding Megasaur – 1 rider and mount

All packs are £8.39 inc VAT each.


20mm WWII arrivals from AB for September

AB-SPG06 German field dressing station

AB-SPG06 German field dressing station

Fighting 15s has received the following new releases for the 20mm range of World War II figures from AB.

INB29 British commando heavy weapons section
INB34 British infantry truck riders, armed
RTB04 British 25pdr crew, North Africa
RTB05 British 25pdr crew – Set 1
RTB06 British 25pdr crew – Set 2
RTB07 British 25pdr battery command
RTB08 British 5.5” gun crew
RTB09 British 6lb anti-tank crew North Africa
RTB10 British 2lb anti-tank crew North Africa
RTB52 British Airborne 17pdr crew
ING14 German seated infantry
ING15 German tank riders – Set 1
ING16 German tank riders – Set 2
ING17 German Panzer Grenadiers for halftracks
ING18 German Afrika Korps Panzer Grenadiers for halftracks
ING19 German Afrika casual infantry
SPG51 Fallschirmjager Kubelwagen crew
SPG52 Fallschirmjager Kettenkrad crew

All codes are in stock. They are initially listed within the New Arrivals section of the shop as well as their normal categories on the website. Prices and contents as described on the website.

We have more new releases for this range on the way.


Oddzial Osmy’s September releases arrive at Fighting 15s

US-653 Corsair

US-653 Corsair

The latest releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s. The releases include:

1:600 (3mm) Moderns

BW-637 SPz Puma – German infantry fighting vehicle
CH-621 AFT-9 – Chinese wheeled ATGM armed vehicle
CH-622 ZDF-89 – Chinese ATGM launcher on Type-89 APC chassis
CH-623 Type 63 and Type 89 – Chinese armoured command vehicles
CH-624 Z-10 – Chinese attack helicopter
MN-637 Fiat G.91 – Italian-made light fighter-bomber
SA-6120 Su-30 – Flanker C two-seat multirole fighter

1:600 (3mm) World War II

WUS-653 F4U-1A Corsair – US fighter

Packs are all £3.00 including VAT with contents as described on the website.

A word on release dates. Oddzial Osmy described these as its releases for August; Fighting 15s ordered when they were announced to stockists in August, Oddzial Osmy then had a production run, and Fighting 15s actually received them in September. It’s easier to refer to them as the September releases, because that’s when they become available to the public, and it’s less confusing than to refer to them as releases for a month that has already long gone. Fighting 15s adopts this system for all Oddzial Osmy’s releases.