Oddzial Osmy’s September releases arrive at Fighting 15s

US-653 Corsair

US-653 Corsair

The latest releases from Oddzial Osmy of Poland have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s. The releases include:

1:600 (3mm) Moderns

BW-637 SPz Puma – German infantry fighting vehicle
CH-621 AFT-9 – Chinese wheeled ATGM armed vehicle
CH-622 ZDF-89 – Chinese ATGM launcher on Type-89 APC chassis
CH-623 Type 63 and Type 89 – Chinese armoured command vehicles
CH-624 Z-10 – Chinese attack helicopter
MN-637 Fiat G.91 – Italian-made light fighter-bomber
SA-6120 Su-30 – Flanker C two-seat multirole fighter

1:600 (3mm) World War II

WUS-653 F4U-1A Corsair – US fighter

Packs are all £3.00 including VAT with contents as described on the website.

A word on release dates. Oddzial Osmy described these as its releases for August; Fighting 15s ordered when they were announced to stockists in August, Oddzial Osmy then had a production run, and Fighting 15s actually received them in September. It’s easier to refer to them as the September releases, because that’s when they become available to the public, and it’s less confusing than to refer to them as releases for a month that has already long gone. Fighting 15s adopts this system for all Oddzial Osmy’s releases.

Link: http://www.fighting15sshop.co.uk/new-arrivals-808-c.asp

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