20mm WWII arrivals from AB for September

AB-SPG06 German field dressing station

AB-SPG06 German field dressing station

Fighting 15s has received the following new releases for the 20mm range of World War II figures from AB.

INB29 British commando heavy weapons section
INB34 British infantry truck riders, armed
RTB04 British 25pdr crew, North Africa
RTB05 British 25pdr crew – Set 1
RTB06 British 25pdr crew – Set 2
RTB07 British 25pdr battery command
RTB08 British 5.5” gun crew
RTB09 British 6lb anti-tank crew North Africa
RTB10 British 2lb anti-tank crew North Africa
RTB52 British Airborne 17pdr crew
ING14 German seated infantry
ING15 German tank riders – Set 1
ING16 German tank riders – Set 2
ING17 German Panzer Grenadiers for halftracks
ING18 German Afrika Korps Panzer Grenadiers for halftracks
ING19 German Afrika casual infantry
SPG51 Fallschirmjager Kubelwagen crew
SPG52 Fallschirmjager Kettenkrad crew

All codes are in stock. They are initially listed within the New Arrivals section of the shop as well as their normal categories on the website. Prices and contents as described on the website.

We have more new releases for this range on the way.

Link: www.fighting15sshop.co.uk/new-arrivals-808-c.asp

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