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Oddzial Osmy’s March releases arrive at Fighting 15s

FR-628 Rafale M, French navy multirole fighter

FR-628 Rafale M, French navy multirole fighter

Oddzial Osmy’s releases for March 2016 have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s and are now available to buy in the online shop.

The new releases are:

3mm (1:600) Moderns

CH-629 J-20 Chinese stealth fighter
FR-628 Rafale M multirole fighter
FR-629 Crotale low-altitude SAM
IS-622 Achzarit Israeli heavy APC based on T-55 chassis
UK-640 Hunter F.6 jet fighter

3mm (1:600) WWII

WUS-658 LVT(A)-4 75mm howitzer-armed Amtrack

3mm (1:600) Science Fiction

PSF-631 Cunningham MBT


CW-1504 Polish Cold War infantry with MANPADS (SA-7B Grail/Strela-2M)

Packs are priced at £3.00 each including VAT, with contents as described in the online shop.



CH-629 J-20, Chinese stealth fighter (prototype)