Oddzial Osmy’s releases for July 2016

NAP-641 Napoleonic general staff

NAP-641 Napoleonic general staff

Fighting 15s has received Oddzial Osmy’s releases for July, and these are now available to buy in the online shop.

The releases are all 1:600 scale (3mm):


MN-641 YPR-765 PRAT-TOW, Dutch TOW launcher on AIFV chassis
MN-642 XA-360, Finnish AMV Patria APC
SA-6122 TOS-1 Thermobaric rocket launcher
US-6105 US infantry I, standing US riflemen
US-6106 US Infantry II, US support weapons (LAWs, ATGMs, MGs, MANPADs) and command


WBR-669 A30 Challenger, cruiser tank armed with 17pdr gun
WBR-670 Comet


NAP-641 General staff, standing and mounted

Packs are priced at £3.00 inc VAT each. Pack contents are as described on the Fighting 15s website.

The new US infantry packs differ from the existing US-617, which contains prone infantry.

Fighting 15s is reviewing the cost of obtaining these items from Poland in light of the poorer exchange rate with the Polish Zloty and cannot rule out a small price increase in the near future, given that for an average exchange rate of around PLN5.20 to £1 on currency conversion sites, the exchange rate actually achieved after commission is nearer PLN5.00 to the pound.

Link: www.fighting15sshop.co.uk/new-arrivals-808-c.asp

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