Oddzial Osmy’s releases for January 2017

SA-6126 Su-33

SA-6126 Su-33

Oddzial Osmy’s releases for January have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s and are available to buy in the online shop.

The releases are all in 3mm (1:600 scale) and include the following:

SA-6126 Su-33 – Russian carrier-based fighter
US-6112 A-7 Corsair II – US naval attack aircraft

World War II
WHU-0601 39M Csaba – Hungarian armoured car
WHU-0602 38M Toldi I  – Hungarian light tank
WHU-0603 38M Botond – Hungarian all-terrain truck
WIT-0630 Fiat CR.32  – Italian biplane fighter
WJA-0624 D4Y1 Suisei (Judy) – Japanese naval dive bomber
WWH-6119 Sdkfz 9 – German heavy half-tracked vehicle in recovery and artillery tractor versions

Packs are priced at £2.95 inc VAT, with contents as described on the Fighting 15s website. All are currently listed in the New Arrivals section.

US-6112 A-7 Corsair II

US-6112 A-7 Corsair II

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