And now a word from our sponsor…

Hej alle!

🇸🇪 I interrupt my usual news for a slight commercial aimed at my customers in Swede️n. 🇸🇪

Some of you may be aware that my daughter, Gemma, skates for Sweden’s no 1 synchronised ice skating team, Team Surprise, based in Landvetter, near Göteborg. She is currently in her fourth year with the team.

The team helps raise some money for its skating through sportswear sales and, this year, also sales of herbs and spices. Each skater in the team has a unique sales page at the Spicy Dream website, the proceeds from which will help reduce their training costs. Gemma is at a disadvantage compared with her team-mates because, of course, she has no family connections in Sweden.

So, if you happen to cook as well as wargame, or know someone in Sweden who would like some interesting cooking spices, I’d be grateful if you could take at look at Gemma’s page on Spicy Dream via the link below.

Of course, continuing to buy soldiers from me will also support Gemma.😄 But buying extra support will make her look like she is doing more for the team.…/landvetter-kk-team…/shopinshop/…


Ian (Gemma’s pappa)

(Spicy Dream is not a lingerie shop as I first thought. 😂 )

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